How Custom Digital Content Can Help Enhance Your Blog

Everyday I feel like I learn something new about blogging, do you feel that too? There is so much to learn and understand, from SEO (search engine optimisation) to blog themes, to back links… I could be here all day listing it all. Something I’ve been learning recently though is that a website is such […]

How Custom Digital Content Can Help Enhance Your Blog

Overpowering Thoughts…

Every single day I am going under with my tears, Not knowing what to do , Not knowing why I still exist, Not knowing anything, Time has changed and so do others around me, But seeing me losing myself for me is more scary, People come hurt ,teach you lesson’s and leave you alone burnt, […]

Overpowering Thoughts…

MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer diary #07

Cancer diary #07 Monday, October 19: The beginning of this week was horrible; horrible enough for me to absolutely dread the next round of chemotherapy. Apart from the heartburn (and thank you everyone for your suggestions – it has gone – for now) I had a cough, my stomach hurt, my scalp hurt, my mouth […]

MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer diary #07

Life is Hectic!!

I wanted to check in on Everything Cannabis to see how things are going and give an update for my abscense or lack of content. Ive been doing as much as possible to learn agfiliate marketing, setting up new affiliate programs and learning about traffic. It seems to me that traffic is the key to success. Good content good affiliates good partners good platforms are all keys to success but to me at this point what seperates the highly successful from everybody else is traffic. If you can generate loads of traffic for yourself or for others then you can name your price. So I have that figured out now I have to figure out how to drive traffic the direction I want it to go. I have also been talking with some branding agencies and apparel agencies. Thinking about new brand logo ideas and hats tshirts and other great apparel to represent The Skunk Brand.

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